Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid? Via your PayPal account.


When do I get paid? As soon as PayPal processes the purchase and deposits the funds in your account.


How long before my book is published? 24-48 Hours.


How much royalty do I keep? You keep 100% of your royalties.


Do I have to sign and exclusivity agreement? NO!


How do I remove a book?  Just contact us and we will remove it for you.


How do I review/edit an existing book? Simply review your book in whatever application it was written, make any changes you need to make and resubmit the revised PDF via the Publish form.


How does my book need to be uploaded?  PDF Format Only.


Is there a minimum / maximum page count? No.  However, your file size may not exceed 32MB.


Is there a minimum / maximum word count? No.


Is there a minimum / maximum sell price per book? No.  You set your price when you publish your book.


How is my content protected?  Only users who purchase a copy of your book will be given access to download the book file.  Users can only download the book one time per purchase.


What payment methods are accepted when I buy a book?  Currently, we use PayPal as a payment processor.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you do not need to have a PayPal account to make your payment.